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Securing the right boat insurance now could be a decision you’ll be glad you made in the future. The world of boat ownership is hugely diverse. Your boat might be a small dinghy or a luxury yacht, a sports boat or a motor cruiser. Perhaps you’re drawn to the water for occasional pleasure trips – or maybe for high-speed water sports. For some, boating is a fun pastime while for others it’s an essential ingredient in making a living.

Whatever type of boat you own, and whatever your reason to use one, it comes with an element of risk. Choosing effective boat insurance helps you to mitigate that risk, guarding you against the unexpected. It can protect you, your boat, your business, and other people – bringing you peace of mind both on and off the water.

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Why buy boat insurance?

In most cases, taking out an insurance policy on your boat isn’t a legal requirement here in the UK.

Nevertheless, there are some compelling reasons to get insured as demonstrated below.

Financial cover

A boat is a significant investment, even at the lower end of the price spectrum. There’s the vessel itself to consider, but often also engines and equipment, furnishing and the personal effects it might contain. Securing the right boat insurance means protecting those assets that matter to you. Boats are prone to being damaged. Plus, in many cases, they are left unattended for long periods, making them vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Insurance can help protect you against these eventualities and many others besides.

Protection for others

Whether you’re involved in sailing, water sports or another water-based activity, there’s always an element of risk. And it affects not only you but other people too. Boat insurance can cover you for incidents that involve a third party. So if you cause injury or accidental damage to property while operating your boat, a claim may be made against your policy. The reassurance this brings is an essential motivation for many boat owners to get insured.

Satisfying moorings operators

While boat insurance may not be needed by law, the owners of boat storage facilities and moorings may require you to have it. Marinas and harbours often stipulate that you hold an appropriate level of cover to protect other users. Similar regulations can apply when you wish you use your boat on inland waterways including some rivers and canals.

Getting the right cover

Your choice of boat insurance will depend on a variety of factors. One of the points determining the cover you need will, of course, be the type of boat you own. The cover you would expect for a small RIB would be quite different from that for a top-of-the-range yacht. And different again for a racing dinghy or jetski.

As well as selecting insurance that reflects your boat’s monetary value and the way you use it, there are different types of cover available. You might opt for a third-party liability policy, covering you for damages to other people’s property and passenger liability. Alternatively, you might choose a ‘craft damage only’ policy, protecting your own boat, but not other people’s property. Or you might opt for a standard policy, which combines both these forms of cover.

The insurance policy you choose for your boat will reflect the level of risk you are prepared to accept. It should also address the particular aspects of your craft and boating activities which are important to you. Expert boat insurance brokers are invaluable in explaining the options available to you, and finding you appropriate right cover.

Finding boat insurance with Curtis Marine Insurance

At Curtis Marine, we specialise in sourcing boat insurance for our customers. We’re long-established, independent, family-run boat and marine trade insurance brokers. So you can rely on us to work hard to find the right policy for you. We hand-pick products from a selection of the UK’s best boat insurance providers, giving you choice and value.

Getting a boat insurance quote from Curtis Marine couldn’t be easier. You can make an enquiry online here. Or if you’d prefer to talk to one of our friendly, expert advisers, call us on   01752 485090 .

We’ll need a few details, including your boat make and length, and information about the specific type and level of cover you need. We can then work out which policy product would work for you – at a highly competitive premium.

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